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    Robotic crawler for cold weather conditions needs a jacket!
    Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano and his team at 4Front Robotics had developed an ingenious outdoor robot for cold weather conditions. While they were working on the mechanical and electronic internal components, a manufacturing and assembly solution was required for the exterior cladding.

    4Front had detailed SolidWorks design files for the external cladding all set to go. They simply needed extra bandwidth with manufacturing expertise to provide sourcing and fabrication coordination. Advanta was able to step in and help out on a timely basis. First up, we verified the CAD files and bill of materials (BOM) for completeness and consistency. When ready to roll on part production, we pulled out our rolodex of various suppliers to get parts made in a hurry. Advanta choreographed the work of suppliers in machining, laser-cutting, hardware supply, and low-volume casting. We assembled a test unit, inspected all incoming parts, and relayed the first assembly to 4Front for inspection. From start to finish, the project was completed in a few short weeks. The robots are set to get to work on time, fully clad! 

    "Advanta helped out in a crunch with professionalism and speed"

    Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serran 

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