Product Designer

As a sharp thinker and talented industrial designer, Maxime is a great Advanta asset. Maxime's strong mechanical background and willingness to get his hands dirty certainly help. When it comes to testing ideas with quick mock-ups, Maxime can't be beat. If you've got a complex mechanical issue to resolve, he is your man.

"Faced with a tough problem, staying open-minded and positive will gets us over the mountain."

Maxime joined Advanta in 2013 after finishing his industrial design studies. Beginning his career as a CAD draftsman, Maxime became passionate about product design. His talent and willingness to tackle tough problems quickly had him engaged in designing equipment. Solving design problems got Maxime so excited that he decided to go back to school to study industrial design. We had the privilege of seeing his excellent work during his graduation show. Maxime joined the Advanta team, and we couldn't be happier!

Phone: 418.692.0580 #109