Senior Product Designer

Sebastien has a true passion for seeing the beauty in everyday objects. His wide reading in current design publications, combined with good skills and many years of experience, enables Sebastien to bring a keen edge and style to our work. His design history in protective gear, electronics, and furniture, as well as in illustration and snowboard graphics provide Sebastien a deep well of experience to bring to projects. He has a great ability to express emotion through his design. Combined with robust sketching skills and an awareness of how to express beauty in products, he has brought an extra dose of style and elegance to our work. Simply put, he is quite a designer. Anyone who has had the privilege of working with Sebastien, both colleagues and clients, has been infused with his irrepressible energy and passion.

"Getting things right is when all the details coalesce to make an integrated whole. A design is not complete until harmony can be seen and felt!"

Sebastien joined Advanta in early 2012. His many years in design, including 12 years in the field of modern office furnishing, have brought specialized skill to our offerings. Sebastien's talent and insight into this industry has created a real advantage for us. With experience in consulting design, and as part of in-house design teams, Sebastien is a perfect fit to bring Advanta excellence to our clients. We are lucky to have him as a part of our team.

Phone: 418.692.0580 #108