Product Designer

Vincent Hamelin is one of our expert Solidworks users and a cornerstone in our workflow management system based on the Solidworks PDM Enterprise platform. As a key production-documentation specialist, Vincent is involved in detailed technical development for manufacturing and early proof-of-concept prototypes. If a part is being manufactured or inspected by Advanta, there is a good chance that Vincent prepared the documentation. Vincent ensures that our manufacturing documentation and all the details are to specification, reflecting the quality of the Advanta Way.

"We like challenges, even big ones!"

Completing his industrial design studies at CEGEP Ste-Foy in 2009, Vincent was awarded top spot for his final year-end project. Starting with Advanta Design right after graduation, he has developed his trade via involvement in numerous projects with our senior product designers. Over the years he has shown great development abilities for projects in sheet metal, injection molding, and composites. He has been a key part of our adaptation and implementation of the PDM Enterprise product development workflow and revision system. He has become our in-house ePDM expert, providing continuous support for this important data management system. This is a great help to us, but most importantly, the quality documentation and tight revision control are a significant benefit to our clients.

Phone: 418.692.0580 #103