Project Lead/Industrial Designer

Andre Huard is our most decorated Solidworks expert. With official certifications from Solidworks as a master user and surfacing expert, Andre can model almost anything. He is an excellent technical designer with advanced skills in designing for plastic, sheet steel, and other materials. Never one to repeat a task that can be automated, Andre has made a great contribution to Advanta by simplifying CAD processes and optimizing data management.

"Clear thinking, repeatable methods, efficiency, and performance: that is how I approach anything I'm involved with. This allows me to exceed expectations every single time."

Andre brings a wealth of experience from the electronics industry. He deftly integrates printed circuit boards into enclosures and ensures connectors and components fit. This produces product designs that assemble in a smooth and efficient fashion. He has been with us since 2007. He has delivered excellence for some of our largest projects, being a key team member for our work with Bombardier and 3M. Even under tight timeframes, Andre always steps up to help us deliver.

Phone: 418.692.0580 #107