Sr. Design Manager / VP Operations

Patrick Boutet is a dynamo, completing every project with energy and excellence. He guarantees that things are well done, that our clients get what they need, and that projects stay on budget. Patrick has been instrumental in developing "The Advanta Way" – the methods by which we ensure our work is excellent and that our clients receive "stand-on-our-heads" customer service.

An Industrial Designer with broad experience in all aspects of product development and team management, Patrick makes certain that all projects are well thought-through both aesthetically (outside-in), and technically (inside-out). Patrick has direct experience with most production technologies, fast-paced development projects, and challenging design mandates, as well as a commitment to putting client value front and center.

"We are proud of our unique and strong commitment to deliver on time. No matter what, we deliver!"

Working with Advanta since 1998, Patrick started in Calgary and then transitioned just over a year later to open the Quebec City design centre. Patrick's passion is ensuring that industrial design intent makes it to the final product – that is ensuring that the design inspiration clients pay us for doesn't get beat out of the product as it goes through manufacturing development. In addition to playing a key part in business operations, Patrick has been the driving force on a several large projects involving industrial design, mechanical design, and management of prototyping and tooling.

Phone: 418.692.0580 #101