President / Founder / Design Director

Since 1988, Kent Davidson has created designs and led design teams in industrial and graphic design. He founded Advanta in 1992 as a multi-disciplinary design studio. Graduating with High Distinction from Carleton University's School of Industrial Design, Kent has created designs in plastics, metal, and composites for start-up entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies, and many internationally known brands such as Bombardier, 3M, Nortel, Cisco, Samsung, and Royal Bank. In 2004, Kent focused Advanta solely on product development design and support services.

Since starting the business, Kent has discovered that the best parts of Advanta's growth and longevity are, without a doubt, our clients and the Advanta staff who serve them. Kent is grateful for staff who are able to make contributions to our clients that are far beyond what Kent's skills alone could bring. Kent believes that our clients are the true visionaries. They are the ones who make business happen. They keep commerce rolling. They put their ideas on the line and in the marketplace every day. To Kent, they are the real heroes.

"Yes, we bring experience, skill, and creativity; but it is our clients who are the visionaries."

Kent sees his key role as providing a framework in which every staff member has a canvass to contribute their best...and they do! He has instilled a culture at Advanta in which the following matters: Really listen to clients. Be pragmatic. Create products that your client's customers want to buy. Design things that are makeable and efficient. Do such great work that your customers want to come back. Be a tenacious problem solver. Don't stop at the obvious solution, but push a little harder. Make room for the skills of others. Get stuff done on time. Do what you say...and if you can't, apologize and make it right. Along the way, be nice, enjoy people, and have fun. Do all you can so everyone wins.

Together with Patrick Boutet and Jean-Sebastien Langlois, Kent and the team have developed the "Advanta Way"—an informal internal metric through which we follow a method for projects to succeed, search for quality solutions, and ensure all the details are well done. Many of our project milestones can be seen on the pages of our portfolio section. We invite you there to have a look!


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