Product designer

If design was as vital as breathing, Emil Greiner would constantly be hyperventilating! He is always ready for some more.

When not at work, you'll find him collaborating on the development of an experimental project, submitting an idea to a product design contest, or in his workshop at home adding the final touch to his latest project.

From concept to final production drawings, Émil loves to be involved in every aspect of a project. His determination and commitment help him reach his target every time. Working with excellent teammates, his success is due in part to his trusted collaborators. To Emil, collaboration adds flair to projects, and more often than not allows the whole team to recognize a potential in a project that otherwise might have been missed. Every deliverable is better with collaboration.

After creating production designs for an innovative line of camping trailers, Emil joined the Advanta team at the end of 2018. Designing right next to the production facility really hone Emil's sense of how a design can successfully translate from the computer screen to the real world. He is a conscientious designer and makes smart production decisions. Without a doubt, being at Advanta is helping Emil pursue collaboration and the pursuit of the "best design" solutions; or at least the solution that is not the obvious, but a refined, enhanced and efficient one.

"In design, the goal is achieved when, as a result of development efforts, the product is so well designed that it becomes impossible for the user to imagine it otherwise."

Friendly and helpful, Émil is an indispensable addition to the Advanta team. Working with our senior designers, Emil has gotten busy satisfying his insatiable thirst for learning.

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Phone: 418.692.0580 #104