Senior Product Designer

Seasoned, accomplished, capable. All good words to describe Alain Poirier, one of our most experienced designers. Alain has honed his skills for over 25 years, bringing the resulting depth and insight to Advanta clients. Always learning, Alain has quickly adapted to updated digital sketching and CAD management techniques. Alain has a very well-rounded skill set. He is helpful and service oriented. With Advanta since 2017, he has been adding his insight and skills to our client's work, and we're glad he has! In various roles over the years, he was responsible for the industrial and mechanical design of product enclosures, single-handedly dealing with all aspects of a new product design from concept through to production readiness.

Industrial and medical electronics enclosures are a specialty area in Alain's portfolio. He has created ruggedized designs that can handle drops, water sealing challenges and tough end-use environments. Alain has sought to bring the aesthetic sensibilities usually reserved for the consumer market to these more robust products. Early in his career, Alain was part of the internal design team at DAP. This in-house experience solidified his understanding the business ramifications of design decisions, and enabled him to refine his production troubleshooting abilities.

With a keen ear for customer needs, honed over his 15 years of work in the product development consulting space, Alain shares Advanta's design philosophy. We are not merely designing skin-deep aesthetic appeal, but creating whole product solutions that must be profitable to produce, and work just as well for production and service personnel as they do for a satisfied user.

"I work to maximize aesthetic appeal – without compromise; however, I also seek to create products that are useful and meaningful, even significant. It's not just art."

Alain loves all things sports and outdoors. Cycling, skiing, hiking, even skydiving are all on the list. He also loves combining these adventures with travel, like climbing the heights of Machu Picchu, Peru.


Phone: 418.692.0580 #114