Sr. Design Manager / Business Development

A good designer can usually come up with five ways of solving a challenge. Guillaume often comes up with six! With seven years of hands on design for several manufactures, and over two as a project manager in a consulting design environment, Guillaume joined Advanta in the summer of 2014, augmenting our Quebec City management team.
Guillaume is well seasoned with a large variety of projects in different market segments and industries. Having worked in all aspects of the product development process, from defining projects, to creating concepts, to mechanical design and through to production coordination; he brings not only new and varied experiences to the team, but also great depth in design and a pragmatic understanding of manufacturing options.

Developing a product for all the phases of its service life is one of Guillaume's strong suits. The influence of product design on profit does not stop once the unit has been sold. Service and repair, upgrade paths, and future modularity are all important aspects of design that Guillaume carefully insures are integrated into the design thinking during development.

"A good design does look nice, but more importantly it is easy to use and designed to be easily produced and serviced. A production and assembly oriented design saves time and money. After all, time is money and money is... well, money!"

Guillaume graduated with high distinction, earning three out of four of the available awards for the student body. He has continued this drive for excellence at Advanta bringing insight on projects and consistently offering better ways to achieve things both for Advanta and our clients.
Having both his meticulous attention to project details, and his playful joker's sense of humour have injected the office with a little more hilarity, and a little more productivity!

Phone: 418.692.0580#112