• Bringing the game to a whole new level Open or Close

    When Lazer Runner, one of North America's premier laser tag equipment manufactures, contacted us in 2016, everybody in the studio was psyched. We might have the chance to design a the next generation phaser! It brought out the inner geek in all of us!

    The objective was to design an exciting and robust phaser suitable for next generation of system sales. It would have a brand-new display and a top notch user interface, but first we had to make it fun and comfortable. Who doesn't love laser tag? The unit had to work for a whole range of users. From 9 year old kids to the fully grown 35 year old version! After good input and clear guidance from Laser Runner, our designers captured this enthusiasm with a range of exciting visual sketch experiments. To stay grounded on overall sizes and shapes, Initial ergonomic tests were made with handmade foam sketch models. This allowed us to get the sizing and weight balance right for all our users, from smallest to tallest. "Cool factor", durability, safety and cost-effectiveness were all criteria in the design mix. To maximize resistance against drops and bumps, optimize comfort, and to minimize any hazards from the odd collision between a participant and a phaser, a soft rubber overmould was applied to the main structural parts. This manufacturing process is know as two-shot plastic. A rigid plastic is used to accurately hold all of the functional parts together, while a second, softer plastic, adds comfort, shock-absorption, and enhanced safety.

    " We design a lot of product that none of us in the studio are targeted as the end user. For sure its way easy to get the designers engage on a project when they see themselves using it once it exist. Myself included "
    Sébastien Larose, Senior Designer

    The phasers are in service for years. Recreational center staff will sometimes have to service the devices or replace parts. Laser Runner wanted to ensure easy on-site service and replacement of non-working parts, avoiding returning the unit to the manufacturing facility. This feature greatly reduces the total cost of ownership, creating a further differentiator and competitive advantage. Working with Microlynx, a Calgary based electronics developer, Advanta designed a modular approach to the electronics facilitate the desired ease of repair of the device. These maintenance personnel were set as the primary users of the device interior and the assembly design was optimized to make opening the case and replacing parts easy and quick.

    " What I like about this product is that it has been reviewed for many angles. The assembler, the maintenance guy, the end client, the end user (Kid or adult). There is a part of the product that has been designed for each of them." Guillaume Alarie, Project Manager

    Designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada, the result is a stunning, rugged and professional looking laser tag phaser fresh out of a Video Game, and ready for a walk-on part in a sci-fi movie!