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At Advanta we are a committed team of design experts with over 130 years of hands-on product development experience. We understands the technical nuances of plastic part design, such as draft angles, sliders, lifters, gate location, flow-line mitigation, filling, and more. We provide excellent 3D file preparation. Mould design can commence with delivery of our files, without the hassle of adjusting parts before tooling design. We generate comprehensive 2D mouldernote packages indicating critical dimensions, tolerances, cosmetic surfaces, suggested gate locations and more.

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We have experience in a wide array of plastic part design, from very large parts, to thin-wall moulding; from highly cosmetic parts, to robust structural ones. We take careful account of the needs of end-users, manufacturers, and moulders; while working to create economic benefit for all.

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Related Expertises

Injection molding include a lot of specialities, from overmolding to mold flow analysis. You can explore our related expertise down below.


Advanta Cross only
Two Shot Molding - Overmolding Compatibility - TPE & TPU Selection


Advanta Cross only
Micro Injection molding
Miniature molding - Precision Injection molding - Design Assistance

Connector Overmolding

Advanta Cross only
Cable Assemblies
Molded Cable Assemblied - Design Assistance - Vendor Selection


Advanta Cross only
Custom Lightpipe Design - Low and High Volume  - Prototyping & Tests

PCB Overmolding

Advanta Cross only
Overmolded PCB

PCB Low pressure Molding - Macromelt Molding - Overmolding PCB


Advanta Cross only
Thin wall Injection Molding

Less than 1mm thick - High Pressure Injection Molding - Resin selection 


Advanta Cross only
Extrusion Blow molding

Large part Blow molding - Design Assitance - TPE & TPU Blow molding


Advanta Cross only
Mold flow Analysis

Consultation Service - Molding Review and recommandations




Some of our exprets...

Pat Plus JSL Plus GA plus SB plus
Patrick Boutet
Project Lead | Senior Designer

Patrick has 20 years of experience developing parts made with plastic injection. Even after hundreds of parts, he still has the same passion to design an ideal part for production. He has worked in collaboration with many manufacturers and clients, such as Bombardier and 3M.

Jean-Sébastien Langlois
Project Lead | Senior Designer

Involved in the development of injected moulded plastic parts for almost two decades, Jean-Sébastien has developed a specific expertise with over-moulded parts and sealed products. From miniature parts to very large ones, Jean-Sébastien has contributed significantly to build our depth of knowledge, and reputation for excellence in the design of thermoplastic parts.

Guillaume Alarie
Project Lead | Senior Designer

Having worked at Novik Inc for 3 years, interacting daily with the injection presses, Guillaume has a deep understanding of the process of injection moulding and part design. This knowledge and skill-base enabled him to create plastic parts for IPL Plastics, the City of Toronto and others, many of which are in current production.

Sébastien Bonneau
Senior Designer

At Advanta since 2005, Sébastien has worked closely with local and offshore toolmakers and moulders. He has contributed to almost all of our major plastics projects. His solid knowledge of manufacturing processes has helped fast-track production for most projects, and optimize the documentation we provide to suppliers.