• Blackline GPS - Bridge Open or Close

    Safety monitoring, even in remote areas.

    Blackline GPS has built a suite of products to protect lone workers. GPS satellites are used to register exactly where a worker in distress is. Then location coordinates are sent to a monitoring center over a cellular connection. But what if the workers to be protected are a mobile team that works in remote areas with spotty, or no cellular service? The Blackline GPS Bridge solves this issue by using satellite communication to send the location information back to the monitoring center. Each device worn by the worker communicates via 900 Mhz to the base station. Up to 10 devices are connected to the Bridge and to each other allowing small, mobile, remote groups to respond to other team members immediately and have emergency location data instantly beamed to the monitoring center. With the Bridge, Blackline GPS can now provide worker safety monitoring literally any place on the globe.

    Advanta worked with Blackline GPS to repurpose some parts for efficiency and to create a new, vibration resistant, water tight, robust enclosure. Advanta developed a unique carrier system for the internal electronics that provides good mechanical support while ensuring ideal placement for antennas and power signals.
    Eliminating the dependency on cellular signals has now made lone worker monitoring possible for companies that have workers that spend time in both urban and remote areas. As a result, Blackline GPS has secured new orders. New business for our clients is always the best result of a completed project!

    Advanta is pleased to support Blackline's objectives of getting more and more workers home safely every day.