• Innovia 300 for Bombardier Open or Close

    A project for a Canadian Icon
    "I want a company that is good, but has never designed a train, someone who will think differently", thought Ziad Rizk, site manager for Bombardier's Kingston engineering group. When we found out that the Advanta proposal to create new train concepts was accepted – by such an iconic and large Canadian company – we were ecstatic!

    The project was to create a new styling concept for the Innovia ART 300 commuter train "end-cap". The end-cap is the front part of the train, the face of the train, if you will. The Innovia ART is the same train design platform as the Vancouver Skytrain and the JFK Airport passenger train.

    We got busy and poured our hearts into doing a good job for them. After delivery of the concepts (and a lesson on the power of a rendering over a sketch), the project morphed into providing the completed detail design of all components for the end-cap and delivering two full-size prototypes – ready to put on a train – to Bombardier's Kingston yard. The project was both very challenging and very enjoyable. We were able to provide some significant innovations to Bombardier, learn a lot about the field of commuter rail transportation, and meet some great people. Our completed design is slated to see service on three continents, starting with new trains for Vancouver in 2016.

    "Advanta's commitment to quality is deep-seated, and it infuses all that it does...their work was completed on time, was extremely reliable, and most importantly, everyone at Advanta takes great pride in successfully finishing tasks. The result of Advanta's work was outstanding."
    Ziad Risk – Bombardier Transportation

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