Advanta congratulates our client Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano on his success to date in the "Drones for Good" competition.

Drone 02


Drones are becoming much smaller, and much more sophisticated. From search and rescue to customized package delivery, drones are poised to become part of everyday life. The United Arab Emirates sponsored a global completion entitled "Drones for Good". Entries have come in from around the world, including from places like MIT and Stanford University. The only Canadian entry in the semi-finals is the vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Advanta client Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano and his team.

This product is planned for commercialization in the coming months. Perhaps in the future you will be able to see Dr. Ramirez-Serrano's UAV in action helping rescue folks caught in earthquake debris, a fire, a collapsed mine, or other confined space.

Winning the competition is based on getting the most votes from the public. Please help push Dr. Ramirez-Serrano through to the finals! The site requires registration to vote. Vote and support a canadian technology