The Fairies were on "Dragon's Den" earlier this year with the "Bracelet Fairy". Now they just launched the new Advanta-designed "Necklace Fairy"! Christmas anyone?!

Coumound Necklace Fairy


Necklace Fairy - Buy Now!

After selling tens of thousands of their unique "Bracelet Fairy"; and getting national attention on the CBC's "Dragon's Den" TV venture capital show, the Fairies again came to Advanta to help them bring a new product to market: the "Necklace Fairy". Short necklaces with small clasps can be difficult to attach without someone to help out. Not anymore! The necklace clasps are attached to the Necklace Fairy while the jewelry is in front of you on a table. With the magnetic, self-guiding necklace fairy on your jewelry, attaching your necklace by yourself is now a breeze, even for folks with arthritis.

Look also for the award winning Bracelet Fairy