New Scarab boat highlights Frameless Windshield designed by Advanta

Created under the guidance of Simon Dubé at Veralex, Advanta designed and developed a ground-breaking frameless windshield. Showing they are in the vanguard, manufacturers of the Scarab 195 are leading the industry in implementing this brand-new marine windshield technology. It is great to see that the Veralex/Advanta designed windshield has been placed on such a great looking craft. In a recent promotional video, we were pleased to hear the CEO of Marinemax -a large US boat retailer- presenting the frameless windshield as one of the great features of the new boat. (See 0:13 in the video) Kudos to Veralex for envisioning such a great concept and for producing a game-changing product for the boating industry.

"...seamless windshield, it's all bonded to the frame...it just speaks to wow!"
MarineMax CEO Bill McGill

Go to to 33 seconds to hear about the frameless windshield