A design that really moves people!

This one is exciting! Advanta designed and developed the front end of a new Bombardier commuter train. A newly released scale model of the Innovia Metro (Mark III) confirms that our design will be on the rails in 2016 as part of the Vancouver Skytrain Evergreen line. The graphic depicted on the model shows the colors of Translink, the Vancouver Transportation Authority. Advanta wishes to thank Ziad Rizk and his team in Kingston, Ontario for the opportunity to work on the next generation Innovia product. To learn more about this project, Visit the Innovia Project page

See the train running on a virtual track in this video: http://youtu.be/qqH-cDmwf_g

Here are some photos of a scale model of TransLink's SkyTrain vehicle fleet by www.skytrainforsurrey.org. The photos were posted last May and showcase a set of three scale models of Vancouver's SkyTrain vehicles, including the next-generation Bombardier INNOVIA METRO ("Mk III") vehicle, several of which were just ordered for the Evergreen Line. Skytrainforsurry.org discovered the images on the web and put them on their website. 

"...we added them to our gallery so as to show Metro Vancouverites how awesome the next generation of SkyTrain looks!"

The new vehicle is presented in a two-car config (although Evergreen Line officials on Facebook have confirmed that the new SkyTrain vehicle order will be for 7 trains in a 4-car articulated config) with the latest version of the TransLink livery pictured next to scale models the first-generation ART 200 ("Mk II") and ICTS ("Mk I") SkyTrain vehicles in their original painted liveries.

These vehicles will join the TransLink fleet in 2016 with the opening of the Evergreen Line.