Advanta congratulates Blackline on their vision and expertise in bringing the award winning suite of Loner products to market. We are grateful to have played a supporting role with the industrial and mechanical design.

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Luxmux Award 01


Luxmux is shaping the future of spectroscopy. One of their applications enables significant reductions in greenhouse gases, and water usage in oil sands production. Advanta is pleased to work with Luxmux as they work on a brighter and greener future. Visite Luxmux



Nana Artwork

Did you know that you can renew your products for less? 

With simple changes and the addition of product graphics, enhance your branding, differentiate similar product in your line-up, or give new life to a product without a major development program. Advanta added an updated bezel and graphics to highlight the differences between Nalalysis Corp. 60, 60e and 60 pro NM Ready models. Do you have a product that could use a refresh?



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In 1998, Advanta expanded from a Calgary base to open our second office in Quebec City. Even after 17 years, many in the business community are not aware of Advanta, the largest, most diversely skilled, local industrial design team. The Quebec City area has many entrepreneurial and innovative companies, yet many of them have not yet heard of Advanta. In 2015, we will be working hard to change that and earn their trust.

Guillaume Alarie, an experienced designer who joined the Advanta team in 2014, is now the catalyst behind the effort to showcase the company to clients in the Quebec City region.

JSL BW 50x75 Jean-Sebastien Langlois, Project Lead
"There are many companies developing products in Quebec City and we believe we can serve them well...once they know we are here! With Guillaume as part of the team, we've taken a big step forward in communicating the benefits of Advanta to region."

Founded in Calgary in 1992, Advanta has been operating in two locations since the opening of the Quebec City office in 1998. Working together at a distance, using the latest communications technology, the company's model has always been one of using two pools of expertise with different skill sets. This is done with a view to serving clients well, no matter where they may be.

Patrick Boutet, the Project Lead who spearheaded the opening of the Quebec City office states "Historically, most of our client base has been in the west or in the US because our founder is based in Calgary. As we grow, our intention is to maintain our trajectory within our existing markets, while taking action to ensure that the overall percentage of revenues from the east increases."

Advanta has grown primarily through referrals from satisfied clients and from vendors who have obtained quality results when they put the designs Advanta has completed into production. Growth of the company is based on concrete, measurable results. Advanta invests in long-term business relationships, thereby earning the trust of its clients for the long run.

50x50- Advanta Icon 512x512-04 Advanta invests in long-term business relationships, thereby earning the trust of their clients for the long run.

Commenting on his time at Advanta so far, Guillaume said "During my first months at Advanta, I saw a company that respects both clients and its staff. The company focuses its energy on making sure the best things are done, not only for the current project, but for the client's overall business interests. Each designer brings a different perspective and depth of expertise, whether it be in product development strategy, exciting concept creation, or exacting mechanical details. These skills, coupled with a genuine desire to serve clients, resonate with me. I look forward to playing a role in bringing Advanta to a wider market. 

Advanta is grateful for its existing client base and looks forward to the opportunity to help new clients grow their businesses through new product development.

GA BW 50x75

Guillaume Alarie, Project Lead & Business Development
"...a genuine desire to serve clients, resonates with me. I look forward to playing a role in bringing Advanta to a wider market."



Advanta congratulates our client Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano on his success to date in the "Drones for Good" competition.

Drone 02


Drones are becoming much smaller, and much more sophisticated. From search and rescue to customized package delivery, drones are poised to become part of everyday life. The United Arab Emirates sponsored a global completion entitled "Drones for Good". Entries have come in from around the world, including from places like MIT and Stanford University. The only Canadian entry in the semi-finals is the vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Advanta client Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano and his team.

This product is planned for commercialization in the coming months. Perhaps in the future you will be able to see Dr. Ramirez-Serrano's UAV in action helping rescue folks caught in earthquake debris, a fire, a collapsed mine, or other confined space.

Winning the competition is based on getting the most votes from the public. Please help push Dr. Ramirez-Serrano through to the finals! The site requires registration to vote. Vote and support a canadian technology



EZ-Robots created three new robots, and a revolution in the form of a highly customizable, accessible robotics system. Advanta turned the robot body parts, originally created for 3D printing, into injection mouldable plastic parts. EZ-Robot had designed the system, but lacked the in-house knowhow to be able to adjust the designs for mass production. They were stuck and the delays were stacking up. Advanta got them unstuck and production moving forward.

The EZ system includes software to customize and control your robot from your PC or smartphone. The control software includes facial recognition, voice activation, wi-fi control and so much more. The "EZ-bits" can be rearranged in a myriad of formats to create almost any function imaginable. With capabilities to keep any serious robot hobbyist occupied for weeks, the robots are fun too . Check out "JD" the humanoid bust a few dance moves.

JD Banner

 And if you think you could give an EZ-Robot a good home, please click here to purchase one of the three ready to go robots! To Buy


The Fairies were on "Dragon's Den" earlier this year with the "Bracelet Fairy". Now they just launched the new Advanta-designed "Necklace Fairy"! Christmas anyone?!

Coumound Necklace Fairy


Necklace Fairy - Buy Now!

After selling tens of thousands of their unique "Bracelet Fairy"; and getting national attention on the CBC's "Dragon's Den" TV venture capital show, the Fairies again came to Advanta to help them bring a new product to market: the "Necklace Fairy". Short necklaces with small clasps can be difficult to attach without someone to help out. Not anymore! The necklace clasps are attached to the Necklace Fairy while the jewelry is in front of you on a table. With the magnetic, self-guiding necklace fairy on your jewelry, attaching your necklace by yourself is now a breeze, even for folks with arthritis.

Look also for the award winning Bracelet Fairy




Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano Finalist and Winner of the 2014 ASTech award in Outstanding Achievement In Applied Technology & Innovation in the area of UAV Technology. The ASTech Awards are Alberta's highest Science &Technology honor.

Drone 01


iCONNECTIVITY TECHNOLOGIES INC., Calgary, unlocks the potential of iOS devices and data networking for all levels of musicians. Innovation in Information & Communications Technology award sponsored by TELUS.

InconnectivityNews 01


Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is used by chemists to elucidate molecular structures. Conventional NMR machines, however, are often beyond the financial reach of most research­ laboratories. Calgary's Nanalysis Corp. has the perfect solution. Read the full article here

Featured in the system are three products with industrial and mechanical design by Advanta! We are pleased to work with Blackline GPS to enhance worker safety. Please see the short video describing the Loner system at the following link.

BridgeNews 01

This one is exciting! Advanta designed and developed the front end of a new Bombardier commuter train. A newly released scale model of the Innovia Metro (Mark III) confirms that our design will be on the rails in 2016 as part of the Vancouver Skytrain Evergreen line. The graphic depicted on the model shows the colors of Translink, the Vancouver Transportation Authority. Advanta wishes to thank Ziad Rizk and his team in Kingston, Ontario for the opportunity to work on the next generation Innovia product. To learn more about this project, Visit the Innovia Project page

See the train running on a virtual track in this video:

Created under the guidance of Simon Dubé at Veralex, Advanta designed and developed a ground-breaking frameless windshield. Showing they are in the vanguard, manufacturers of the Scarab 195 are leading the industry in implementing this brand-new marine windshield technology. It is great to see that the Veralex/Advanta designed windshield has been placed on such a great looking craft. In a recent promotional video, we were pleased to hear the CEO of Marinemax -a large US boat retailer- presenting the frameless windshield as one of the great features of the new boat. (See 0:13 in the video) Kudos to Veralex for envisioning such a great concept and for producing a game-changing product for the boating industry.

"...seamless windshield, it's all bonded to the just speaks to wow!"
MarineMax CEO Bill McGill

Go to to 33 seconds to hear about the frameless windshield



Below is a link to a MarineMax video showing their impressive new Scarab 195 jet boat. Some good views of the Frameless Windshield that Advanta developed under Veralex’s leadership and vision.

Bilbo Baggins has company! Congrats to triplets Rhonda Francis, Terri Dutka, and Lou Barron! With the Advanta designed "Fairy Fastener", they got the treasure and convinced Dragon Arlene Dickinson to help them build their business. (We're glad Arlene fared better than Smaug!) Congratulations Fairies, Advanta Design Group is proud to have had the chance to contribute to your success.


Advanta client triplets Rhonda Francis, Terri Dutka, and Lou Barron from "Fairy Fastener" appeared on the hit CBC TV show Dragons' Den on Wednesday Dec 4, 2013 at 8:00 local time. The Fairies presented a product designed and developed by Advanta. We congratulate them for the invitation and are proud to have been part of their adventure.