About us

Since 1992, Advanta has created product designs for the industrial space and consumer markets. We have served start-up entrepreneurs and international corporations. Since we specialize in serving companies focused on niche markets in the business-to-business sector, many of our clients are technology start-ups or mid-sized companies.

We greatly appreciate the vision and courage of our clients. Our clients are people who genuinely have ideas to make the world more productive, safer, healthier, and more fulfilled. We strive to match their vision with skill, passion, and interest in what their businesses can accomplish for their customers and themselves.

Advanta has repeatedly demonstrated that solid ideas honed by a rigorous design process become products that dominate their market categories for years. Our core clients see Advanta as a source of strategic advantage. With new product ideas, our clients perceive new ways to meet strategic market needs. We provide compelling design solutions to present their innovative concepts to the market.

 "If you are ready to refresh an old product, make manufacturing more efficient, or make the world a better place with a new product idea, we would love the privilege of speaking with you!"

Advanta develops products that present our client's ideas in ways that are attractive to look at and easy to use. We think through part design and assembly sequences to create products that are low cost to manufacture and easy to put together. Product creation is a challenging area fraught with potential pitfalls. We are tenacious problem solvers unswervingly dedicated to finding the best design and manufacturing solutions for our clients.  

We strive to deliver excellence, to look beyond the obvious, and to deliver quality for every client. We seek to serve clients who have innovative ideas that make a difference in people's lives and to lavish service on them.

"Our goal: help our clients create designs that are the defining product for their market space or an entire industry."



Kent Davidson

President / Founder / Design Director

Patrick Boutet

Sr. Design Manager / VP Operations

Jean-Sébastien Langlois

Sr. Design Manager / VP Resources

Sébastien Bonneau

Senior Product Designer

Alain Poirier

Senior Product Designer

André Huard

Project Lead/Industrial Designer

Guillaume Alarie

Sr. Design Manager / Business Development

Sébastien Larose

Senior Product Designer

Vincent Hamelin

Product Designer

Maxime Cavanagh Pouliot

Product Designer

Bruce Renton

Business Development - Alberta

Shannon Popplewell

Administrative Assistant

Maude Lemieux

Administrative Assistant