Senior Product Designer


Conscientious: the character to perform one's work and duties well and thoroughly. This is a great description for Christian. He has solid skills, a great attitude, and a genuine eagerness to learn and serve our clients. Christian's specialty is optimizing complex mechanical designs while ensuring products still look as good as the concept drawing. Using computer simulation tools, coupled with well over a decade of design experience, he helps us produce products that are small, light, strong, and beautiful. Christian tackles technical challenges with vigour, leaving no stone unturned to find optimal solutions.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well."

After more than decade at a major office manufacturing company, Christian joined Advanta in early 2014. To our delight and our client's benefit, Christian brings with him a solid talent for optimizing the design of intricate systems and parts. He also possesses a great understanding of how good design benefits business and manufacturing. These skills, combined with his desire to put client satisfaction front and center, make us very pleased that his talents are available to our growing client base.

Phone: 418.692.0580 #106