• Strategy Air Open or Close

    Open Innovation
    Terminal technology allows the 24/7 console room to breath.

    Evans Consoles, the world's leading manufacturer of 24/7 mission critical control room consoles engaged Advanta to develop a design for their new open-concept console called “Strategy Air”.

    Instead of using local workstation computers, server-based processing power has eliminated the requirement to have large PCs at every workstation. Seeing the opportunity in this technology shift, Evans created the concept of an open-space console. Rugged durability for mission critical environments was still essential, as was managing data, power, and video cables.

    The robust, open, and elegant Strategy Air is the result of the collaboration between Evans and Advanta. Strategy Air has met with enthusiastic customer reviews.

    Evans had a vision that Advanta helped implement in this new product. To find out more about how Advanta can help you implement your next product vision, please contact us.

    To find out more about this new Evans product, visit www.strategyair.com. To find out more about Evans Consoles, visit www.evansonline.com