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    The Incredible Shrinking NMR Spectrometer! 
    Nanalysis is creating a sea-change in NMR spectroscopy. What is the big change? Producing a spectrometer small enough to put on a laboratory bench-top; yet affordable enough to place in every lab. Nanalysis hired Advanta to design the box that could deliver their revolution to laboratories around the world. As a start-up, with game-changing technology, Nanalysis required a technician-impressing housing, which looked like a freshly-minted precision instrument. The first housings were planned for beta testing and initial sales. As a new company, preliminary sales would be incremental while Nanalysis grew awareness and built their brand. Compared to competing solutions, the Nanalysis product would save laboratories scads of money; however, the product was still a high-value piece of equipment. They needed a low-volume production solution that reflected this value, yet required very minimal – or zero – tooling investment.

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