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    Implementing Vision – One stop to make it happen
    Gordon Hoffman is one of the most civic minded individuals and tireless philanthropists in the entire city of Calgary. Mr. Hoffman had a vision to honor Calgarians from the cities past by creating sculptural landmarks. In effect, art that could speak to the accomplishments of these champions from the past.

    Working with his board of directors and local architect Michael Shugarman, he spear-headed the creation of a concept for "Fields of Fame". Each field would comprise six abstracted and stylized "stalks of wheat". The goal was to have these fields of fame in many places around the city for citizens and visitors to enjoy.

    They had a vision, they had a concept. They needed someone that could turn the vision into a reality. The sculptures weren't really like buildings, and they weren't like products either.

    Advanta produced a production design for the concept, and then we rolled up our sleeves and located all of the parts and pieces necessary for custom fabrication. From the custom LED lighting and highly resistant tempered glass with color graphics, to the custom machined steel and rolled stainless. Advanta even sourced a structural analysis and coordinated with the onsite contractors to install the proper anchors and wiring. From the vision, to shipping, to coordination of on-site-installation, Advanta put all the pieces in place and managed the complete program. Mr. Hoffman's vision is now a reality on three sites across downtown Calgary with more to come.

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