• AdaptaSpace Open or Close

    So little time, and so much to do!
    The concepts were ready. Advanta had developed them a few weeks earlier and we were waiting for approval from EnCana, the end client. Then it came, and it came with a deadline. It was October, and the install had to be complete by the 22nd of January, only two months and few days away.

    The completely novel mechanisms – such as how to easily retract and hide two 21" monitors per workstation, and how to pivot and lock an entire fixed 15 foot section of desk with a simple push so that a training room could be reconfigured in minutes – had to be conceived, developed, tested, and executed within a very tight time frame. The training desks with retractable monitors, CPU storage, and wire management, as well as custom conference tables, an adjustable teacher's desk, and a custom adjustable podium all needed to be completed for the deadline.

    To move fast, the team at Advanta, including our best technical designers, knuckled down and put in long hours and a few weekends. Concepts were developed, tested, and approved quickly. Every panel, work surface, nut, and bolt were specified and documented in 3D CAD. A solution to every problem was found at lightning speed. Vendors were consulted so critical path items were ready first.

    Within a few weeks, all the drawings and purchased components were in place. Adaptaspace and various vendors worked hard over a Christmas break, and by late January, the furniture was in the EnCana training room in Denver Colorado, ready to go. Adaptaspace, the vendors, and Advanta Design had pulled together to complete this complex project in record time.

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